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Leeson gets Galway laughing all the way to the bank

Comedian Ardal O’Hanlon often jokes that he’d love to do an interview with Neil Armstrong and never mention the moon, just for kicks. Well, what if we were to mention the name Nick Leeson and not (OK, maybe briefly) draw attention to a certain financial institution which he bankrupted to the tune of over a billion dollars? What if there were a story which painted him in a slightly different light?

A couple of years ago, Leeson became commercial manager, then general manager (think Peter Kenyon with a lot less authentic canada goose outlet money to spend) of Galway United in the west of Ireland. And he’s only gone and made them the best-run club in the country. Hell, they even turned a small, almost six-figure profit in 2006 (profit being a word that provoked laughter of the gasping for breath kind when mentioned as a possibility in Irish football to a bunch of owners and directors at the end of last year). And we’re not dishing platitudes around willy-nilly here – the bestest this and the bestest that – because Galway are officially the finest run club in these parts.

You see, for the shiny new league that gets under way tonight, there was an application process where clubs were measured by on- and off-field criteria (it best price for canada goose jacket was a 50% split) and then divided into two divisions. Galway finished third in the second division in 2006 more info, and their record for the previous four seasons wasn’t up to much, but they got voted into the top division by clocking up a whopping 389 points from 500 in the off-field side of things, the next closest being 374. Champions Shelbourne ended up with 278.

So despite losing three times to Dundalk over the campaign and finishing two points behind them, they made the move up on the back of their excellence away from the pitch – the off-field stuff was mainly scored on finances, infrastructure, attendance potential, plans for the future and such like. buy canada goose parka uk Leeson’s area, in fact.

Some of the facts and figures are impressive, even if it’s a bit like praising Middlesbrough for being great to watch in comparison with, say, Watford. Galway are heading into year three of a five-year plan that is pretty much Leeson’s baby: there’s a separate committee with different expertise for finance, for marketing, etc.; they’ve brought attendances up from lows of 300 a couple of years back to an average of 1,100 and sell-outs of 3,200 at the end of last season. Hardly all Leeson’s work but then again club director Niall O’Reilly has labelled him the “brains behind the operation” and the “glue that binds the whole structure together” in a genuinely thankful bout of back-slapping.

O’Reilly also reckons Leeson is as good as there is at dealing with and twisting the arms of sponsors. He’s popular with the fans because he works round the clock for the club, he’s enjoying it all and, if the background brings a little profile, what harm.

And it’s the thinking outside the box, small and large scale fundraising schemes that have Leeson’s, ahem, fingerprints all over them. The five-a-side canada goose coat 0f tournament that’s been on a few summers now, where locals get a chance to play against teams of some local and national celebs. The Black and White ball that’s on this Friday, with Mario Rosenstock (he of those Jose Mourinho takeoff songs fame) as entertainer, has sold about 600 tickets at €150 a pop. The trips organised across the water to big games – they’ve taken in Man Utd-Celtic, Man Utd-Chelsea and have plans for the Manchester derby and Sunderland-Wolves. The link-up with Sunderland will mean Roy Keane bringing the team to Galway for a friendly in August – the week of the Galway races. All simple buy canada goose jacket australia enough ideas for sure. But are many other clubs in Ireland doing anything remotely similar? No.

There’s a spanking new stand going up right best canada goose jacket reddit now with 1,500 seats that Leeson intends filling in the next couple of years. Only a couple of best canada goose jacket womens weeks ago, he spoke of Galway having a state-of-the-art stadium in less than 10 years, a ground that’d generate enough income to run canada goose coat 0f itself and not rely on gate receipts once every fortnight. He’s drawn up the budget for the coming year (around the €1.1m mark if you’re asking) and if there’s an element of a gamble, it’s that relying on attendances here best ideas about canada goose outlet on pinterest is a tricky business.

Chances are that the coming season could be a struggle on the whole old-fashioned winning-more-games-than-the-other-teams side of things, though Galway have made a few nice signings in Shane Tracey, Stephen O’Flynn and Regi Nooitmeer. Still, when the champions are on life support, others are struggling with taxes and wages or can you wash a canada goose jacket in the washer are part-time and others need large business investment and ground sales to flash the cash, it’s good to know that getting by is possible through clever marketing and hard work. And Leeson running a tight ship. Vl4hs9dw8s

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Random!” Hope I would get to experience geocaching someday

Similarly, Social media forms an indispensable part of the marketing plan. One of the most important criteria behind every successful enterprise is communication. And there is no other channel more popular than social media to do so. When it comes to jobs for high school students, there can be many categories. Some jobs may require them to work full time, while others are more of a part time nature. Some may be for a relatively long period, while some may be just temporary jobs.

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Hermes Belt Replica Today to fill and place sandbags. About 3,000 additional pre filled sandbags are en route from Hulman Field in Terre Haute. A total of 10,000 filled bags will be distributed to the area in addition to ones being filled on site.. Warships and planes were dispatched with food, water and troops after the fearsome Category 5 storm smashed homes, schools and roads, laying waste to some of the world most beautiful and exclusive tourist destinations.Hundreds of miles to the west, Florida braced for the onslaught, with forecasters warning that Irma could slam headlong into the Miami metropolitan area of 6 million people, punish the entire length of the state Atlantic coast and move into Georgia and South Carolina.More than a half million people in Miami Dade County were ordered to leave as Irma closed in with winds of 175 seriously, because this is the real deal, said Maj. Air Force Reserve weather officer who flew through the eye of Irma at 10,000 feet.The hurricane was still north of the Dominican Republic and Haiti on Thursday evening, sweeping the neighboring nations on Hispaniola island with high winds and rain while battering the Turks and Caico islands on its other side.Big waves smashed a dozen homes into rubble in the Dominican fishing community of Nagua, but work crews said all the residents had left before the storm. Officials said 11,200 people in all had evacuated vulnerable areas, while 55,000 soldiers had been deployed to help the cleanup.In Haiti, two people were injured by a falling tree, a national roadway was blocked by debris and roofs were torn from houses along the northern coast but there were no immediate reports of deaths. Hermes Belt Replica

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But you can’t mix both styles [in the same shot]

In my endeavours to lead a healthier lifestyle I TMve realised that you have to choose what you believe carefully when it comes to what is deemed as delicious. I really got caught out with the horror that is chai pudding. People who say they like it must be good liars because nothing you can do to it will take away from the fact that it TMs like eating a spoonful of tadpoles.

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Knock air out of risen dough by kneading it for 2 minutes on

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It cannot be borrowed against

Have you ever looked around your office and tallied up the total value of your computer systems? It would be incredibly valuable (and money smart) to take a few minutes to check out a sound and reliable power backup system to protect your machines. If you live in an area where power outages are a common thing, then an APC battery backup system is right for you. Now Hermes Replica, if you’re the one to commit the error of only facilitating your computers Designer Replica Hermes, leaving other appliances susceptible to luck, then you should look into what this informative article has to stay..

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