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McCarthy won his first six dome games as a head coach before the Packers fell just short at Minnesota in a 28 27 loss on Nov. 9, 2008. Green Bay’s offense has been productive indoors, averaging 381.6 yards of total offense and 30.6 points in the 17 dome games compared to averages of 356.3 yards per game and 24.3 points per game in outdoor contests over that span.

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DA FUCK urgh. Didn t go that well I suppose like I said we have really crap teachers. And this isn t just me saying this, its EVERYONE and they have the worst track record ever. Bleargh. And the theory part was so boring. It was all the basic stuff tt everyone noes.

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Margaret Atwood’s highly regarded novel came to the screen in

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The only thing I wanted was just keep pitching

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